About Nutritionhelp


Erica White, well known Nutritional Therapist and author, founded Nutritionhelp to support clients with a number of health issues. In particular, Erica worked with many people with CFS/ME and yeast infection. to make available her years of experience in supporting intestinal microbes, including working with Candida albicans.


In 2013 I became Nutritional Director for Nutritionhelp, following Erica's retirement. I am pleased to be able to offer consultations based on Erica White's way of working. The consultation can be either a face-to-face visit to me in Essex, or by phone or Skype if you live too far away to travel. The consultation lasts a full hour, and the fee includes a full nutritional report with recommendations and two support emails to answer your questions over the following 6 weeks. 


Fee for Nutritionhelp consultation with nutritional report and recommendations, plus two support emails - £105






Supporting Health with Food and Nutrition