Benefits of Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy can make no claims to treat health problems.  However, advice on good nutrition can support and encourage:


  •     All aspects of gut health including IBS
  •     Promotion of beneficial gut bacteria while working with yeasts and parasites
  •     Blood sugar balance
  •     Hormone health and fertility
  •     Liver function
  •     Urinary system function
  •     Joint, bone and muscle integrity
  •     Cardiovascular health
  •     Nervous system and mental-health wellbeing
  •     Optimal weight
  •     Sport performance
  •     Respiratory health
  •     Skin, hair and nail health
  •     Food and environmental allergy reactions


This is by no means an exhaustive list, so contact me if you want to check how Nutritional Therapy may benefit you.


 Last term M (15 year old daughter) managed 100% attendance for the first time in many months.
 We both want you to know how grateful we are for all your help and advice. And  that M would not be where she is today, if it had not have been for you. M has made a much quicker recovery I am told by the Doctors at the CFS/ME unit in Cambridgeshire than is usually expected. We say this is due to you and your instructions.  
She has resumed all sporting activities, weekend work in a stables and total normality for a teenager. T.B. Great Bardfield

Supporting Health with Food and Nutrition