About Nutrition


Nutritional therapy is about making sure that the nutrients an individual needs for day to day functioning and living are available in the diet. Whilst Nutritional Therapy can make no claims to ‘cure’ health problems, nutrition can support the correct functioning of the major body systems and therefore encourage wellbeing. Optimising digestion is foundational to ensuring that the nutrients provided within the diet are digested and absorbed properly, bringing maximum benefit to overall health.


Nutritional understanding has come a long way since the eighteenth century when it was discovered that scurvy was influenced by diet, but the impact of applying nutritional principles can be just as great today. Using food, supplements and lifestyle changes, nutritional therapy can help to promote your health.

It is important that if you have any health concerns you see your doctor, since Nutritional Therapy does not replace medical care but strives for a good relationship with medical and health professions.

Who Can Benefit From Nutritional Therapy?

Advice on Nutrition is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including children, adolescents and adults of all ages.


Nutritional Therapy may benefit:

  • Those who want to support health and increase vitality 
  • Those wanting to balance the effects of the strains of daily living
  • Promotion of vigour for those who have been ill or on medications or antibiotics.
  • Those who are already fit:
    • Women wanting to be in best possible health for their Wedding Day
    • Sportsmen and women wanting to maximise their endurance and performance.


I realise that not every client will want to be eating bean sprouts and tofu, so I will work with each individual to form dietary recommendations that they can enjoy, knowing that they are also supporting their health.




Supporting Health with Food and Nutrition