Fats or Carbs for health?

A couple of clients have commented to me about the Horizon documentary shown last week, supposedly assessing the merits of either a high fat or high carbohydrate diet. These two approaches are hot topics at the moment in the dieting world. Nutritionally however, we have to ask what sort of fats and what sort of carbohydrates should be included in the diet.


My nutritional recommendations include a removing of refined carbohydrates and all sugars – those that can have an almost immediate impact on blood glucose levels. I also advise using quality oils for cooking and dressings. Tailor-making this approach for each client, together with relevant suggestions for protein and vegetables, frequently sees improved weight, balanced blood sugar and increased energy. Sporting clients have told me they are beating their own personal bests in physical activity.

For the majority of clients this approach is fine. Some clients may need to avoid some whole, unrefined grains (such as wheat or the other gluten grains) and occasionally a client may not be able to tolerate any grains for a while. On the other hand, some clients come to me who are unable to tolerate any type of fats or oils in the diet. While these are  extreme and infrequent situations, it highlights how individual we all are, and how important tailor made nutritional recommendations can be.

So if you are left wondering as a result of the TV documentary what sort of diet you should be following, you may like to consider a nutritional consultation with me, to gain your own personalisced diet plan to support health. Call or email me if you want to talk through your requirements.

If you are interested in reading Dr John Briffa’s comments on the Horizon documentary, you can read it here.