Healthy Weight

It was hard to miss the number of articles and reports within the UK last week relating to National Obesity Awareness Week. The BBC reported that researchers from Imperial College London believe up to two million people in England could be eligible for weight loss surgery, while a new report compiled by Oxfam shows that the Netherlands has the healthiest diet with the UK coming in at number 13. One story highlighted the fact that one in three people in the UK say they can’t afford to eat healthily.

Whilst limited income is a serious consideration, there are many ways we can support health that are actually low-cost. Three simple ideas:

  1. Drink more water. Fizzy drinks are available at really low prices, but water is always available for free in this country, and children and adults alike benefit from increasing water consumption. Simply drinking  more water each day can help with constipation and headaches. If funds are available, it is helpful to buy a water filter.
  2. Eat beans and legumes. Adding quality protein, fibre and nutrients to meals, beans and lentils are cheap and versatile, making delicious meals in their own right and bulking out meat dishes to make them go further.
  3. Make bean sprouts. Fresh vegetables may be more expensive than refined breads and cakes, but bean sprouts are a cheap way of adding vitamins, minerals and enzymes into the diet on a regular basis. Children love to join in preparing and watering the beans and will benefit from the fresh nutrients.

If you feel you need help in supporting your own health and encouraging optimal weight, get in touch to book a nutritional consultation.