Gift Tokens!

As we count the days down to Christmas, many of us are pressured by the demands of shopping and preparation, making what should be a happy, restful mid-winter holiday become a high stress enterprise! The pressure of choosing the right gift, for the right person, at the right price, can take some of the enjoyment out of December.

The idea of giving a present however, is incredibly special. The desire to show love, appreciation, thankfulness and encouragement with a gift is a wonderful token of friendship or family bond. Some gifts are particularly appreciated when they last longer than the holiday season.

So if you are stumped for a gift idea for a loved one, you may like to consider buying them a gift token for an hours consultation with me. A nutritional consultation will help apply the principles of nutrition to support their own health, whether they are struggling with PMT, aching joints, digestive issues or migraines - the list is endless.  A voucher also includes a Health Plan to take away and four weeks of back-up support as short emails to answer any queries which may crop up, helping the client to proceed confidently with their nutritional recommenations. Drop me an email at to find out more.