Probiotics and Antibiotic

We have seen it coming. The over-use of antibiotics has led to bacteria becoming resistant to the current drugs and there are few new antibiotics to replace them.  Both theBBC and the Guardian reported on the  antibiotic ‘apocalypse’ warning, highlighting the problems we may be facing as  ”antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the potential to cause untreatable infections pose ‘a catastrophic threat’ to the population”.


BioCare, (a supplement company that I frequently recommend) responds:


BBC headlines have reminded us that inappropriate or overuse of antibiotics has allowed antibiotic resistant infections to flourish to the extent that a routine hospital visit could result in deadly, incurable infection. 


The good news is that some excellent probiotic trials give us hope that we can counteract this scenario. A clinical trial following 155 hospital patients found that daily supplementation with LAB4 probiotic strains alongside antibiotics significantly reduced the number of antibiotic resistant strains by more than 70% compared to the placebo group.



This simple strategy could help to ensure that antibiotics remain effective in emergencies when they are genuinely required.



Supporting the level of friendly bacteria within the gut is an important factor in balancing gut ecology, but the benefit doesn’t just end with a comfortable digestive system. Friendly flora in the digestive tract act as a first line of defence to invading bacteria, thus a gut ecology where yeasts are kept under control and friendly bacteria thrive, is a major step in supporting the immune system. The LAB4 probiotics mentioned by BioCare combine Lactobacillus acidophilus and strains of Bifidobacterium, and are the probiotics I generally recommended to support gut ecology.