Happy Christmas!

Christmas is now upon us!


Perhaps you are having a quiet time on your own, or are busy with the comings and goings of family and friends. Whatever your circumstances, I trust that you will have an opportunity to reflect on the reason for Christmas. Beyond the jollities of festival celebrations is the fact that each one of us is desperately in need of help. Those of us who have experienced bad health are perhaps a little more aware of our frailty, but everyone one of us is sin-sick. We need someone to take the punishment we deserve, who will also give us  the goodness we don’t possess, in order to make us acceptable to a Holy and Loving God.



That provision was made in Christ, coming to earth as a baby, then dying to take the punishment my own wrong-doing deserved, and then rising from the dead to show that death no longer is to be feared if we trust in Him.What a wonderful reason to celebrate!



So even if the turkey is overcooked, or if things don’t go to plan, if circumstances are difficult, or if the battle to support health continues, we can still celebrate the wonder of wonders – that God became man in order to display his love to us.



Over the holiday my office will be closed for any emails or queries, but I will be back in the office on  Thursday 3rd January 2013. 



I hope that you will have a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.