Food For Christmas


With Christmas just a couple of weeks away now, I want to blog some recipes and ideas that may help you support your health,  over the festive season.  At a time when the boxes of chocolates are just falling off the supermarket shelves, I want to encourage you in a healthier way to eat over Christmas.



For those of you who are following sugar-free and yeast-free recommendations to support gut ecology, don’t forget that Erica White’s Beat Candida Cookbook has lots of ideas. Adapting some of these can make them even more ‘Christmassy’. Adding some extra mixed spice to one of the sugar-free carrot cake recipes and serving it slightly warm can make a great alternative to Christmas pudding.




Serve with some sugar-free ‘Oatly’ oat cream,  natural yogurt or try one of Erica’s custard recipes. A simple custard can be made easily by mixing 2 heaped  dessert spoons of yellow maize meal with 2 mugs of Rice Dream/ sugar-free Oatly oat milk/ sugar-free Almond milk in a saucepan. Add one vanilla pod, split down the middle longwise, and slowly bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Reduce heat once it has reached a boil and continue to stir.  Add a little more milk if you want a runnier custard, stirring thoroughly.