Food and Brain Health


Time for Wellness reports on some new research linking brain health to the food we eat.


A processed food diet is related poor memory and cognitive function while a whole food diet may help protect against age related cognitive decline.


In a study investigating association between diet and age related cognitive health in a sample of 249 people aged 65–90 years with mild cognitive impairment it was found that a processed food pattern (rich in desserts, biscuits, potatoes, refined grains, fried foods, high fat dairy, snacks, high fat takeaway, chocolate and sweets, processed meat and fish, sugar beverages and red meat) foods was associated with reduced memory and impaired higher cognitive function.



This type of study cannot prove processed foods increase mental decline with age, but it adds to a growing body of research suggesting that healthy foods are linked to a healthier brain. “The Mediterranean diet, characterised by a diet high in fish, fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants,” for example “has been associated with a reduction in the risk of Alzheimer disease in an older population” point out the study investigators.



As Christmas approaches, the tendency to consume highly processed foods increases. Over the next couple of weeks I will give some tips and ideas on how to stick to a yeast and sugar-free diet plan over the holiday season, including a basic gravy recipe, and ideas for stuffing.