More Ways to Eat Veg

An important mind-set in eating for health is to focus on the abundance and array of foods that are supportive of health, and to add these plentifully to the diet.  The more you eat of an assortment of vegetables, the less you will be wanting to fill up on biscuits and sweets. Vegetables are a source of beneficial fibre, and packed with nutrients, so they should form a real back-bone to the diet.  I continue here Murray and Pizzorno’s list of ‘Easy Tips for Reaching The Ten-Servings-A -Day Goal‘, from their book, The Encyclopaedia of Healing foods. 



  • Keep a fruit bowl on your kitchen counter, table, or desk at work.


  • Pack some cut up vegetables in your briefcase or backpack, and carry wetwipes for easy clean-up. (Don’t forget that many supermarkets now sell vegetables ready cut as crudités)


  • Add vegetables to lunch by having them in soup, in salad, or cut up raw.



  • Increase portions when you serve vegetables. One easy way of doing so is adding fresh greens, such as Swiss chard, collards and greens to stir-fries.


  • Add extra varieties of vegetables when you prepare soups, sauces and casseroles. For example, add grated carrot and courgette to spaghetti sauce.


  • Take advantage of salad bars, which offer ready to eat raw vegetables, as well as prepared salads.


  • Use vegetable-based sauces and juices such as tomato juice and mixed vegetable juice.


My own last point is ‘Be Adventurous!’ Add as many colours and varieties of vegetable to your shopping basket each week, and don’t just stop with the ones you know. Try a new vegetable each week.  If you are not sure what to do with it check out some online recipes or email me at for ideas. Next I will post a couple of autumn vegetable recipes.