Applying Olive Oil for Joint Health

With autumn fast approaching and more than our fair share of rain, many people find that their joints may be feeling less 'free' than during the summer months.  There are many factors within Nutrition that may support joint health, whether it is affected seasonally or not, so do get in touch if you find yourself repeatedly rubbing a thumb, elbow or knee. You may also be interested in this bit of research reported on by Time For Wellness on the benefits of applying olive oil topically on joints.



Olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory phytonutrients and rubbing it into sore joints may be more effective than a medicated cream.

To see how extra virgin olive oil compared to a topical medicated gel containing the anti-inflammatory drug piroxicam a group of thirty women aged 40 – 85 with osteoarthritis of the knee were asked to use either the medicated cream, or olive oil.

After the 4 weeks study the women using olive oil reported less pain and greater physical function than those using piroxicam and greater benefit was seen within just 2 weeks.

Compounds naturally present in extra virgin olive oil such as oleuropein and hydroxy tyrosol have been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory effects and may be in part responsible for many of olive oils health benefits. Relevant to arthritis, a recent study in mice found that oleuropein was able to reduce inflammation and joint swelling.


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