Listen to Your Body - Frequent Colds

Completing the list from Food Matters on 9 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore.


You’re short on good flora…


One likely signal: Frequent colds



Background: The immune system‘s command center is housed inside the gut. “An ecological imbalance of organisms in the gut means the body can’t defend itself against unfriendly microbes,” says Swift. “The result is we get sick a lot.” Ironically, says Hyman, it’s often medicine, such as antibiotics, that wipe out the gut’s supply of good bacteria. “When we wipe them out again and again with antibiotics and then eat a poor diet, it’s a disaster for the gut.” That, in turn, can spell trouble for the rest of the body.



Other signals: Intestinal gas, bloating, loose stools or constipation, vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, skin rash, athlete’s foot, nail fungus


It is amazing to understand that the balance of microbes in the gut affects our whole immune system, including how frequently we go down with colds. This is why supporting correct gut ecology is frequently an approach that I follow. Unfortunately, balancing gut ecology isn’t quite as simple as taking a ‘probiotic drink’ every day. Most of these are packed with sugar, which will not encourage a good balance within the gut. Specific diet recommendations, together with a supplement plan to provide valuable nutrients and address both friendly bacteria and yeasts, may help encourage gut ecology and thus health in general.