Vote on GM Crops


Click on the link below to vote on whether trials on GM crops should continue. Some of the comments following the vote are helpful in understanding the negative affects of GM crops.  In particular, the post from Elizabeth Winkler, a food journalist, is clear and succinct. 



I have been researching GM crops for over ten years as a food journalist, and the more I find out, the less I like.
Once a seed is genetically modified, it can be patented, and owned. That is why multinational seed companies such as Monsanto are investing so heavily in GM.
GM crops is a risky, unpredictable, outdated and unnecessary technology.
There is sufficient evidence to show it is an environmental risk, as well as a risk to animal and human health.
We should be using valuable money researching how to make existing sustainable systems more cost-effective and productive - not sinking money into a technology that benefits only the patent holder.

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