Four weeks of fizzy drinks can give you heart disease

What Doctors Don't Tell You E-News reports on new reseach on fizzy drinks.

For those of you who regularly drink fizz and are feeling 'fine', take this as a timely warning...



Sweet fizzy colas and sports drinks could be lethal – even if you drink just two cans a week.  The drinks could be a direct cause of weight gain, heart disease, liver failure, high blood pressure and diabetes, a new study has discovered.

The effects happen in people who drink a can every day, or even just two cans a week. After a very short time – and often within a month – their metabolism  changes, making any of the life-threatening diseases more likely.

Although it’s not news that sugary drinks are bad for us, the extent of the damage they can cause, and over a very short time, has shocked researchers who tested the drinks on 11 healthy and lean volunteers

After just four weeks’ regular consumption, their whole metabolism had altered.  They had put on weight and their insulin resistance had increased, often a precursor of diabetes and heart disease.

(Source: European Journal of Nutrition, 2012; doi: 10.1007/s00394-012-0401-x).