Peas in the Clean Fifteen

Peas find their way into the top 15 vegetables and fruit that have low pesticide residue since the pod provides a protective layer. Fresh peas are only available in shops for a few weeks a year. Look for green peas with pods that are full, heavy in the hands and brimming with seeds. Avoid those with a wrinkled surface or over-matured, yellow-coloured pods. Use peas straight from the pod in salads, or add to whole grain rice and pasta dishes for colour, fibre and nutrients.  Frozen peas retain nutrients and are an easy addition to meals. Cook from frozen or simply defrost and toss into mixed salads.


For a slight twist on serving peas as a side dish, soften a chopped onion and two crushed cloves of garlic over a gentle heat with two tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil. Add two to three mugs of frozen peas.  Turn the heat right down, add a lid to the pan and allow to cook through until peas are hot, about 5 to 10 minutes. Add a little ground black pepper and serve.