The last of the Dirty Dozen

Completing Dan Shapley's list at of the food with the highest pesticide residue.  Tomorrow we will look at the 'Clean Fifteen'.


11. Lettuce


Joining spinach in the leafy greens category, lettuce makes the list of dirty dozen foods with the most pesticides. More than 50 pesticides have been identified on lettuce. If you can't find organic lettuce, alternatives include asparagus.


12. Kale (Tie)


A superfood, traditionally kale is known as a hardier vegetable that rarely suffers from pests and disease, but it was found to have high amounts of pesticide residue when tested in each of the past two years.

Can't find organic kale? Safer alternatives include cabbage, asparagus and broccoli. Dandelion greens also make a nutritious alternative.

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