Top 12 pesticide dirties

Continuing Dan Shapley's comments at on fruit and veg affected by pesticides.


6. Nectarines (Imported to USA


Nectarines, at least imported ones, are among the most highly contaminated tree fruits. Domestic (USA) nectarines don't test with as much pesticide residue, but overall 33 pesticides have been detected on nectarines.

Can't find organic nectarines? Try pineapple, papaya or mango.



7. Grapes 


Another perennial entrant on the dirty dozen list, imported grapes (to USA) can have more than 30 pesticides. Raisins, not surprisingly, also have high pesticide residue tests. Makes you wonder about wine, eh?

8. Sweet Bell Peppers


Another fruit that usually makes the dirty dozen list because it tends to have high pesticide residue is the sweet bell pepper, in all of its colorful varieties. Nearly 50 different pesticides have been detected on sweet bell peppers.

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